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Fresh Organic Vegetables

ABOUT Arks Harvest

Arks Harvest is a not-for-profit food-sharing program. Our goal is to create a sustainable program that offers affordable food for everyone while working together with our community. 


We offer meat from Fermes Terra Agri, maple products from Fine and Dandy Maple, we work with other local businesses,  community programs, and farmers to help get affordable produce into every household, regardless of income level.


Arks Harvest is not a grocery store and does not supply the same produce each week. Our selection is based on product quality and price from our suppliers, both changing daily.


Located at 15 High St, Vankleek Hill, Arks Harvest is run by Nikole Jalbert and our

group of volunteers.

We are open Mondays 3-8pm and Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am-6pm with baskets ranging in price from $15-$50.

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