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"I sure do appreciate Arks Harvest. I am on disability and was considering calling the food bank. I have high blood pressure, so I can't eat much processed food. This is a way for me to continue to eat healthy in difficult economic times, while maintaining some dignity." -Sherri, happy client

"Arks Harvest here in Vankleek Hill have a coop program running for the community where you can get fresh veggies and fruits in town at a very affordable cost. For $25 you get roughly 25 lbs of veggies or fruits of yout choice. So I get the possibility to make salad. Thanks to this Not for Profit organization we get to eat healthier every week." -Mel, a happy customer and loyal volunteer

What are local business's saying about Arks Harvest?

Arks Harvest brings so much joy to my small town community. Giving everyone a chance to get amazing fresh produce each week for a price that can’t be beat anywhere else. An easy way to eat healthy. Supporting local businesses has always been a big part since I started my business as a private chef in the comfort of your own home almost 12 years ago. The one thing I’ve always struggled with is finding fresh produce all year round for my clients. Arks Harvest does exactly that and so much more. It allows me to guarantee my clients top notch quality all year round. One thing I’m working on right now is my own cookbook & Arks Harvest is helping me tremendously with finding what I need to test out recipes. This is the most outstanding group of people & you are sure to leave there with a smile on your face every single week. 

-La Cuisine Passionnée

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