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Good Friday Morning Arks Volunteers!!!

⭐Announcement below⭐

Beginning this coming Monday, February 13th, we will be hosting a Collaboration Session every Monday morning before the truck arrives.

Sessions will start at Noon!

This session will be an opportunity for all volunteers and members to present ideas and possible concerns regarding all things Arks Harvest! We want to hear from you! These sessions will be noted and all questions and feedback will be taken back to be added to the Member and Director meeting agendas for further discussion and final decisions.

This session will also give us an opportunity to confirm truck unloading procedures, food placement and confirm which jobs need to be filled throughout the day.

Whether you stay for truck unload or just come for the session, that is up to you, sessions will continue even if the crowd is small :)

Thank you all for your time and ongoing support!! We look forward to chatting with you!

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