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Food Delivery

Dove Delivery

Arks Harvest is proud to present The Dove Delivery! This is a produce delivery service available to clients in and around the Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill areas. All deliveries will be completed between 3-6pm on Friday afternoons. Please fill out the order form below. ​ Things to note: Delivery is available within 15km of the Vankleek Hill location OR within 15km of Hawkesbury Product availability is subject to change (you will be contacted if something you requested is not available) Premium Items are charged individually while all $0 items are charged as part of the total bag cost and billed as $15. $25 $50 and $75 bags Select the bag size you want and add your desired items. Be sure to choose a few different varities to ensure you get what you are hoping for as product availability changes daily. A $5 delivery charge is added to each order

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